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Site-wide plugins eg Wordfence, Yoast

Congratulations on a Fantastic plugin.  Thank you.

One thing I am having difficulty understanding is whether a plugin is page specific or site-wide if that makes sense.  Can you explain whether site-wide functional plugins that don't have a page specific function can be excluded from pages or do they still need to be left active?  I am referring to these plugins that I use:  Wordfence Security, Yoast SEO, Email Log, Redirection, Product Feed for Woocommerce (creates feeds to Facebook/Google shopping), WP Control

Further, can I turn off Plugin Organiser for all pages i.e, will it still do its stuff even though its turned off for a page?

and LiteSpeed Cache.  Does it still cache and page optimise even though its disabled via Plugin Organizer for all pages?