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Remove Captcha For few Contact from 7

 can you please let me know how  do that


add_filter('wpcf7_validate', 'custom_wpcf7_validate');
function custom_wpcf7_validate($result) {
global $FlexibleCaptcha;

if ('3910' === event.detail.contactFormId) {

} else if (!$FlexibleCaptcha->check_captcha_val()){
$captchaTag = new WPCF7_FormTag(array('type' => 'text', 'basetype' => 'text', 'name' => 'FC_captcha_input'));
if (empty($_POST['FC_captcha_input'])) {
$result->invalidate($captchaTag, 'Required');
} else {
$result->invalidate($captchaTag, 'Text did not match');
return $result;


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