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Best Way to Turn off PO on the Woo Checkout only

Hi there--When I have the "page" post type activated in the PO settings, my Woo checkout gives me a 500 error. I have about 50 plugins running on a complex site. I was just wondering if there's a way I can run PO on all the other page post types on the site *except* the checkout?

The checkout works fine if I turn off the pages in the settings, but what I want to do is turn off Woo and all Woo related plugins on the other 150 or so pages that aren't store related. Right now because of this issue, I have all these store plugins running on all those other non-store pages.

Just wondering if you could point me in the right direction on how to go about possibly being able to turn off Woo stuff on the non-checkout pages.


Sorry.  This is a new forum plugin and I hadn't checked the option to notify me of new topics.  So I didn't get notified that you had posted this.

To disable Woocommerce on all pages you need to disable it globally.  Then enable it on the pages where you need it.  Like the checkout page and the store page.  You will also need to have Woocommerce active on the sites base url and the admin ajax page.  Create a plugin filter with these 2 permalinks.  So for my site that would be and  Change the domain name to the domain name of your site.  Make sure you have ignore url arguments turned on in the PO settings page.