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Plugin Organizer is not set up correctly.

Hi Jeff.  I'm having a strange problem.  I'm in the process of moving a site from to  For some reason PO ver 9.4 can't read the version from the mu-plugin file.  I'm getting this error in the PO admin area:

You are running an old version of the MU Plugin. Please use the tool provided on the settings page to move the updated version into place or manually copy /var/www/vhosts/sitename/wp-content/plugins/plugin-organizer/lib/PluginOrganizerMU.class.php to /var/www/vhosts/sitename/wp-content/mu-plugins/PluginOrganizerMU.class.php.  If you don't do this the plugin will not work. This message will disappear when everything is correct.

I checked the wp-options table.  PO_version_num is 9.4.  The I don't think it's a file permissions issue on the mu-plugins folder or the files in it.

I've deactivated/deleted/reinstalled Plugin Organizer a few times.  Nothing seems to help.

Any idea what I might be running into?

The hosting environment is the same.  (Different server, but same O/S, PHP version, etc.)

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


Did you manually move the MU plugin file like the error says to do?

Hi Jeff,

A new client's site of mine has this same issue, however their former web administrator didn't leave them the hosting credentials so at this time I do not have server access so I can not manually move files.  The error also states "Please use the tool provided on the settings page to move the updated version into place"....what tool is this? Could you please provide more info?

Thanks for your time and Happy New Year!

On the Plugin Organizer settings page there is a Manage MU Plugin tab.  Go to that tab and click the copy button.  That copies the new version to the mu-plugins folder.  But if you don't have permission to write to that directory it won't work.