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Global Plugins deactivate suddenly

Hi there,

we have used Plugin Organizer for a while. Recently we encountered an issue with our Plugins listed under the Global Plugins -> Disabled Standard - All users

(we had already disabled in Settings " upon introduction, as those plugins in the list did not work on the pages until deactivating and activating each plugin again on each page)

At a random event but also when activating the Really Simple SSL plugin, suddenly all plugins listed under "Disabled Standard - All users" became inactive in the Plugin overview. When we tried to activate one or all of them Wordpress said it has been succesfully activated but after a page refresh they remain still deactivated. That causes some sections of the website to break which depend on the plugin to be loaded.

We would appreciate some feedback what could cause this issue.

Please update to version 9.3.1.  There was an issue with the plugin load order that may have deactivated the plugins in 9.3.

Thank you Jeff, we have updated the plugin from 9.2.1 to 9.3.3 and after that we could not reproduce this issue.

The only thing which would be important to know, upon activation of the Really Simple SSL Plugin, those Plugins in the "Disabled Standard - All users" list stop working on all pages and one should switch on the Setting "Ignore URL Protocol" in Plugin Organizer.

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