Plugin Organizer

Plugin Organizer is a plugin that I developed to help with a project where plugins were conflicting with each other.  It has grown much farther than that since it’s initial release. Plugin Organizer can be very difficult for inexperienced wordpress users to comprehend. But if you take the time to set it up correctly using the FAQ and documentation pages your site will see a significant benefit in load time and resources used. It allows you to change the load order of your plugins and decide which ones load on each page.  If you need one plugin to load before another or to only load one on specific pages then this is the plugin to do it.  To download the plugin please go to the WordPress plugin page.




Group and Order Plugins

This is a screenshot of the Plugin Organizer Group and Order plugins page. Here you can change the load order of your plugins by dragging and dropping them in the order you want them to load. You can also add the plugin in the list to plugin groups. Those groups can be used on the various pages to disable plugins by selecting that group.

Group And Order Plugins

Fine Tune Plugin Organizer

This is a screenshot of the settings page for Plugin Organizer. You can change the overall behavior of the plugin here. There are settings for wordpress roles, custom post types, debugging, and more.

Plugin Organizer Settings

Set Global Plugins

This is a screenshot of the Plugin Organizer Global Plugins page.  Here you can disable a plugin for the entire site.  This allows you to turn it on for just the pages where you need it. Just drag the plugins from the left and drop them on the containers to the right.

Set plugins for search results

This is a screenshot of the Plugin Organizer Search Plugins page. Here you can set the plugins that will load on the search results page of your site.

Set plugins for post types

This is a screenshot of the Plugin Organizer Post Type Plugins page. Here you can set the plugins that will load on all of the posts that match the selected post type. This way you can set all the plugins for posts on one page.

Individual Posts

This is a screenshot of the WordPress page edit screen after Plugin Organizer is activated for that post type.  You can disable or enable plugins from here.  This meta box will be added to all post types that are selected on the settings screen.


Welcome to my website. My name is Jeff Sterup. Here you will find links and screenshots of sites I have worked on as well as a description of the type of work I performed on each site. I also have some sections dedicated to general site development, WordPress tips & tricks, and WordPress plugins.

I have been a web developer for over 20 years and have developed dynamic sites using PHP, Java, TCL, CGI, and PERL. I have extensive experience with front end design as well using Javascript, CSS, and HTML. Along with web development of course comes database design. I have used MySQL, SQL Server, and Informix. Over the last few years I have been developing using WordPress. I have written many plugins and a few of them are available to the public. Go to Dev -> WordPress -> Plugins in the navigation menu to see a list of them.

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